7 Reasons to Choose Interior Design College Over Fashion

In this competitive world, there are several options to choose from but designing is a niche that can confuse most of us. People apply creative designs on the walls and ceilings of their homes to express their happiness which in turn increases the beauty of their houses. Likewise, when we talk about how people carry themselves fashion plays a very important role. Both of these aspects for modifying the look of a particular thing go hand in hand. You get the right exposure and satisfaction by applying beautiful designs to anything you want. The modern-day design is divided into two components that are :

  • Interior Designing

  • Fashion Designing

Interior Designing

Talking about interior designing is the art, science, and business planning of a space for the sole purpose of beautifying it and setting a subtle theme. Everyone wants a space that feels aesthetic and goes with the functional interior solution. Interior designing as a profession has been a very important aspect in the development of society and industrial sites. It leads the world towards an aesthetically driven zone where one feels satisfied by looking around.

This mode of designing has been in practice since ancient times when the palaces were made royal and given an elegant theme. It gives an individual a choice to live in a surrounding that is of his/her choice. Interior designing is not as simple as it seems. It is not only about picking up the perfect color, design, wallpaper, etc. It is driven by certain principles. The principles involve balance, unity, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, scale, proportion, and details. A person needs an eye for the smallest of details to achieve the dream plan. Designing a space is not that easy but also not too difficult. An interior designer has to suggest the right compatible creative design and come up with convincing ideas for the particular space.

It features 9 styles that involve maximalist, brutalist, coastal, minimalist, rustic, art deco, Hollywood Regency, mid-century modern, and modern organic. After keeping all of these small details into account the target of a beautiful space is achieved and the client feels satisfied. Over the years the growth in this field has taken a huge hike which makes it very lucrative. The market size of this industry is very huge and many emerging companies are planning to get into it. It is a fantastic choice for today’s generation. Following this, there are many colleges in India giving students a good opportunity to enter this field. Some of the best interior designing colleges in Jaipur can also be a good choice for aspiring students.

Fashion Designing

Jumping on to the next component of designing originally driven by tradition and culture we have Fashion Designing. The profession of fashion designing can be defined as the art of applying designs and aesthetics to clothing and accessories. It is a niche that requires research and experience. It is driven by the choice of what your client or audience would like. The purpose of this profession majorly involves the satisfaction of the customers which in turn is a big relief for the designer. This mode of designing has been in practice since ancient times when the kings and their queens dressed in a very royal manner which in turn elevated their status. A designer from this field has to understand the comfort and liking of his/her audience so that one can make functional as well as aesthetically pleasing clothes. It is a field that is driven by 5 principles. These principles involve emphasis, balance, proportion, rhythm, and harmony. If a person can take all of these small details into account then he or she can make a beautiful design for the client.

Reasons to choose Interior designing over fashion designing

  • Interior design is a booming career that gives students the right exposure. People nowadays give a lot of attention to creativity and design which makes the profession in high demand. Whenever someone buys a new home or office they want to decorate it with a good interior. Whereas the customers in the field of fashion design are very difficult to handle. They may ask to deliver a large order within a short amount of time.

  • The skill and knowledge of a fashion designer are always put to test when the demand is complex. The on-site presence of mind will be challenged you to make quick decisions which will grow you as a person. A fashion designer has to stay updated with the latest trends or else the company will encounter big losses.

  • In the field of interior design, you can choose to work independently and take over clients. With a degree in interior design, you can become an entrepreneur and be your boss. A routine of a fashion designer is often interrupted by sudden demands and the arrival of the client which disrupts harmony.

  • In recent times there has been a steady demand for interior designers because plot dealerships and designing go hand in hand. This is a core reason behind the rapid rate of increase in demand. Whereas in fashion design, new brands can come up and provide additional services which could attract the audience towards them.

  • There are a variety of options to choose from in the field of interior design. Whether you like designing restaurants, or you think you can work better under a huge organisation you can pursue it according to your choice. In fashion design, there is a fight for success. With a lot of opportunities, a person will have to tackle problems daily.

  • With interior designing, you can make a difference in someone’s life by altering the way people live and boosting business revenues. It changes the utility of a place and the way a person feels. In fashion design, if the product delivered does not match the customer’s expectations the criticism received is often very harsh.

  • There are lucrative career options in interior design such as furniture design, lighting designer, exhibition designer, kitchen designer, etc. Any aspiring student can consider some of the best interior designing colleges in Jaipur. Talking about fashion designers, the income is unpredictable and working hours are not fixed. A person should know all the risks and then decide his/her career path.

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