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Blogging authorities on the Web tell us constantly that these free blog templates are classified as the worst creation in the market. They always say that relying upon unoriginal free templates by free template sites is compared to dragging your blog decrease yourself. To find about Colormag Blogger Template,

However, free website templates could be good alternatives for beginners, especially those with no CSS and HTML PAGE knowledge. I started blogging without coding knowledge and also started learning it only in my eighth year in the blogosphere. With free templates, my blogs achieved a good online online presence, decent Google PRs, reputable Alexa rankings, good online reputations, and incredible ROIs. click here

These experts confess that with free blog web templates, we exclude uniqueness from our blogging priorities. They say it’s a feeble excuse for sluggishly learning HTML and CSS. Moreover, getting and using a no-cost template for your blog is much like launching a copycat website with just different articles. Finally, they say that it is pretty off-putting for readers to see website designs as a way to recall a website.

I am not a design-conscious blogger. I am more concerned with all the content of my website. Despite knowing the significance of web design, I only emphasize blogs’ design and aesthetic side; it is my weakness.

Specialist bloggers are correct. Looks like blog design, structure, and overall look are essential to each blog. Yet if you are not capable of designing using unique technical codes or if you need more funds to hire the services of a pro wordpress website designer, free templates are a huge help. There is nothing wrong with it.

As news got around, I also became conscious of design and style. I knew that our coding knowledge was confined (because then I had none), so I chose custom-made templates to at least change the essential look of my websites. I customized its qualification, headers, and widget to bring a little uniqueness and to become recognizable (at least) against others together with the same template.

Content remains the most important; the King.

With my lack of coding knowledge at that time, my way of being unique from other bloggers in my specific niche market was through my articles. I ensured that all our contents were original, beneficial, and relevant. Although our blog designs were just about all borrowed from these free-of-charge template provider sites, our posts and articles were all special. And this is where I obtained my good rankings.

Website design uniqueness is still essential.

Possessing zero knowledge about unique technical codes did not bother me in any way -because I needed to have virtually any idea then that these items existed-yet,. I’ve realized how critical these things are in real-life enterprise blogging. For example, I received rude or obnoxious comments from my viewers that I shared the same web template with an adult site in Russia, a funeral residence company in Dublin, and also, worst, with direct competition.

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