Why Should You Choose Foldable Boxes for Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are currently one of the most used items in the beauty industry. People love to get unique hair extensions that upgrade their personalities and bring the self-confidence people to need in their lives. However, No one wants to use hair extensions that are dull and come without any suitable packaging boxes. Therefore, you cannot neglect the role of perfect hair extension packaging boxes in the success of a business. Gone are the days when ordinary packaging boxes could do the work. Customers’ preferences are changing these days; the first thing they will see about your product is the outlook of the packaging. That’s why Hair extension packaging boxes should be eye-catching so that you can attract customers. Some other benefits of custom hair extension packaging are:

Durable Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

The hair extensions are extremely sensitive to dirt just like our natural hairs. The dust can make hair extensions fizzy and unworthy. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the packaging provides the required protection for hair extensions. In this regard, foldable hair extension boxes of Kraft and cardboard materials are best. We are not saying this without any legit points. The Kraft and cardboard materials are paper, which is flexible and customizable. You can select the thickness of the paper from 20-38pt per your requirements. The corrugated packaging boxes are resistant to crushing and tearing. They can keep your hair extensions protected against every sort of damage. The solid paper walls prevent the entry of dust particles. Thus, you can get this kind of box for hair extensions. However, plastic boxes are also available in the market but they are not recommended due to their non-biodegradable nature.

Print Relevant Color Schemes

The hair extensions come in different dyes therefore print packaging accordingly. For example, if you are offering copper hair extensions, color the packaging in colors that perfectly matches your products. Moreover, you can also select dark or bright colors for hair extension packaging boxes. You can color the Foldable Hair Extension Boxes in matte black or white color and print the brand logo in metallic color. This will give your packaging a more premium appearance. However, you can select any color per your desires as CMYK and PMS color models can print all the colors. The colors have a major impact on customers’ minds therefore use colorful boxes for hair extensions rather than boring boxes. The colors that reflect the inside product or the brand behind it, are very beneficial for your business. Therefore, the wise color selection makes perfect boxes for your hair extensions.

Brand Promotion

Other than product protection, brand promotion is the foremost aim of printed hair extension packaging. Brands can print their names and logos on foldable hair extension boxes. These boxes will promote their hair extensions among people. Moreover, customers also feel curious to know the brand name before buying its products. So, it is crucial to mention the brand name in this regard. You cannot promote your hair extensions on social media sites without printed packaging boxes. Share unboxing videos on different sites and promote your brand. Other than that, mention your contact number, address details, and website info to avail maximum exposure for your brand. This way, many customers can access you easily without facing any difficulty.

Tell Necessary Precautions

Hair extensions are of various sorts. Some are suitable to iron while others get destroyed if customers try to straighten them. Besides that, if your hair extensions are washable, mention precautions about how to wash them. These things will increase customer satisfaction as they will know how to use your hair extensions. Some customers can be fresher’s who don’t know how to fix hair extensions. That’s why you can also mention the procedure to fix hair extensions. Customers love the packaging that tells them procedures and precautions regarding product usage. The customers will have a memorable experience with your brand if you provide them with all the details.

Avail Customization Options

Keep in mind that many rival brands offer hair extensions to potential customers. Make foldable hair extension boxes that are recognizable in a cloud of rivals. Uniquely different boxes make your brand recognizable among customers. To make unique boxes for hair extensions, use different customization options.

For example, printing techniques can print any visual elements per your requirements. Thus, you can print images of your hair extensions on the packaging. Other than that, gold and silver foiling techniques can get metallic boxes for hair extensions. Moreover, embossing and debossing techniques upgrade the outlook of packaging by giving it a more prominent appearance.

Many brands get hair extension window boxes to let customers see the product without opening the packaging. Lastly, different coating techniques give different finishes to the packaging boxes. If you want shiny boxes, apply the glossy coating. The matte coating gives classy satin touch while UV spot coating also gives a glassy finish.

Final Words

The popularity of hair extensions is increasing over time. If you are also a hair extension trader, get printed packaging boxes to promote your business. The colors should reflect the features of your hair extensions. Furthermore, the quality of packaging also matters because hair extensions are usually very sensitive. Besides that, print your brand name for promotion. Add charming features to hair extension packaging using different customization options.

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