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Beyond Kitchens: 8 Super Creative Ways To Use Granite Around Your Home

Granite Kitchen Worktops: Classic

Granite worktops for the kitchen are essentially unbeatable. They are classic and remain at the forefront of peoples’ choices. Granite worktops in Welwyn Garden City are long-lasting and highly durable. This, with its classic and well-known design, retains its status as a popular worktop. 

For many years, granite has served a multitude of decor purposes. Whether it is as floor tiles, wall tiles or other decors, it has been a go-to stone for interior designing. Within the last century, though, it truly shone as a kitchen worktop. Granite worktops for kitchen was introduced in the early 1900s. Since then, it has remained a major player in the field of worktops. 

A Granite Worktops As A Bathroom Vanity

While granite worktops have ruled the roost as kitchen worktops, it is highly underrated as bathroom vanity. Still, it makes for a great bathroom worktop or vanity. The white and black granite worktops and the green and gold will go perfectly well in a bathroom. 

Granite, while porous, is sealed before use. This makes granite worktops in Welwyn Garden City a great choice in bathrooms. They can keep water at bay and will not buckle under the excessive moisture one can find in bathrooms. Moreover, if you’re considering a vanity, there is nothing better than granite. 

The Ultimate Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplashes are back in trend, and granite has never gone out of trend. So, it makes sense to mix the two. Using granite worktops as a backsplash is an ingenious idea. Especially when it is used in addition to granite worktops. The blending of the two similar patterns will allow a truly stunning visual appeal.

This also comes with the added benefit of visual continuity. The result of using granite worktops in Welwyn Garden City as a backsplash will also add visual spaciousness to the kitchen. This is not where the benefit stops. 

In addition to this, the main reason behind the popularity of granite worktops for kitchen is its natural heat resistance. The heat around the stove, hobs, oven or accidental contact with hot pans will not harm this natural stone. 

Granite For The Kitchen Sink

A highly underrated and underused idea. Stainless steel is the most common material used for kitchen sinks. It’s time to change that. Granite worktops for kitchen sinks are an up-and-coming trend. It is reliable, durable and water-resistance and yet people are not ready to embrace this trend. 

Unfounded fears aside, granite will be a great choice for kitchen sinks, especially in continuation with the worktop. These sinks are made using granite dust, which is mixed using resin. This is heat-treated and vacuum dried before it’s ready for fitting. 

They are a great option, in addition to a granite backsplash and worktop. The seamlessness of this look will make your kitchen pop. This can be paired with basic, single-coloured cabinets to truly bring out the beauty of granite and its pattern. Seal it regularly to keep stains at bay. 

Granite Tray – Service And Otherwise

Fitting granite worktops for kitchen and otherwise will leave you with a few extra slabs. You can trim and carve these slabs for further benefits. A great use of this is as a serving tray. You can place various items on this or use it as a creative charcuterie board. 

Another great use is as a candle holder on your dining room table. Bonus visual treat if your dining room is an extension of the kitchen. This will serve as a visual marker that connects your kitchen to the dining room. Candles, flowers and other decorative items on this will complete the look. 

A Natural Stone Mantle

Whether you’re building your fireplace or rebuilding it, opt for a granite mantle. This natural stone can become the centrepiece and area of attraction in any room you use it in. Additionally, granite is available in a variety of colours. You can choose a mantlepiece in any colour to suit the rest of the room. 

A granite mantle will be a classic design that can enhance the decor around it. Whether you prefer the classic family photos on top of the mantle or you want to go for something more modern, it will blend perfectly. 

An Outdoor Kitchenette And Bar

Outdoor kitchenettes are a common feature in many cultures. They are fitted with cabinets, hobs and shelves to complete it. It is largely underestimated in the western sphere. These kitchenettes and bars can add more ease and convenience to pool parties and BBQs.

A kitchenette will save you multiple trips to your kitchen in the middle of a pool party. Moreover, you need not fear damage to the worktop exposed to nature. Granite is highly durable, and it is a hard stone. This tough stone will fare well, in the sun, rain or snow. 

You will need to seal it regularly, the same as you do with your kitchen worktops. This is more than enough in terms of maintenance. It does not need any additional maintenance simply because it is located outside of your home. You can clean it as you do your kitchen worktop too. 

Granite Medallions And Mosaics

Granite is a great option to create medallions and mosaics for the wall. It will go very well as a centrepiece in your living room or at the entrance to your home. Moreover, you can also use this as a medallion in your pool. Cooler granite colours such as green and grey will enhance the beauty of the pool. 

You can also use it to beautify any area of your home. Granite, being available in a multitude of colours, means plurality in usage too. You can use it as a mosaic, or medallion or simply carve it into something beautiful. In addition to this, they will also go very in a shower. 

Be sure to use the same colour of granite as that of the vanity or bathroom worktop. This is a great way to blend the different areas of the bathroom and bring about unity in vision.

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