Worksheets for a Baby Budget!

Baby! Prepare a budget for pre-baby. Knowing how much a baby will cost makes parenthood easier.

Baby expenses

In the first year alone, your child’s expenses will grow quickly. Preparedness at any cost.

Baby budgets cover all expenses.

  • Baby budgets help with expected and unexpected costs. Newborns’ needs vary. Expect their needs (food, clothing, blankets, bedding, strollers, etc.).
  • Baby budgets balance income and spending.
  • Balance your income and expenses. You should save for emergencies.

Baby budget example

To help, we created a sample baby budget. Baby budget spreadsheet:

Spending monthly

  • $100 diapers
  • Laundry $20
  • $250-Formula/Food
  • Clothing 50-100 
  • $400-$600 coverage
  • Prescriptions-50-100$
  • Childcare costs $1,100-$1,500.
  • Monthly college savings of $1920-$2785

12 diapers a day for newborns. It’s best to be safe rather than sorry with babies. Buying online or in bulk can save money.


Infants adore wipes. You can also use them to disinfect carts or high chairs, wipe up spills, or clean your baby after feeding.


Baby clothes accumulate quickly. Do triple your laundry. Coupons and bulk purchases can stretch infant budgets.


If you can’t nurse, use formula. Some newborns can take any formula, but others can’t.

Spend more on specialized formulations to meet your baby’s needs.


Can someone so small wear so much?You’ll replace baby clothes every few months in the first year. Even at 12 months, you’ll buy more baby clothes than for yourself.

During your baby’s quick growth, don’t be ashamed to accept hand-me-downs. Thriftiness saves money.


With a baby, you’ll clean more. Clean the air for your baby’s wellness,Cleaning supplies help. Buying bargain or bulk cleaning supplies saves money.


A newborn immediately raises health insurance premiums. Employer-provided insurance may not increase, but self-insurance can.


You or your baby may need medication after birth. Since you can’t forecast your needs, be ready.

If you need medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist about discount cards. GoodRx discounts prescriptions.


It is expensive.Leaving your newborn in someone else’s care is priceless, but necessary if you’ll return to work.

In the U.S., child care costs 10 percent of a family’s income.


You can prepare financially for emergencies. ER visits cost $2,200 without insurance.

Even with insurance, you have co-pays and deductibles. Insurance coverage determines out-of-pocket costs. Contact your insurer to find out the cost.

Bills rise

A baby increases energy, water, and gas demand. You must keep the house warm, bathe your baby often, wash his bottles and dishes, do laundry, and watch him at night.


Always save for college. Early saving means more college money. Soon, it’ll appear ludicrous.

Tell friends and family about your 529 plan. Anyone can donate to your child’s college fund. If used for qualified education costs, the savings grow tax-free.


Having a baby has other costs.

Income variables

A baby affects income. Count the changes if both couples worked before the birth. Adjust your budget if you didn’t save enough, if expenses exceed income.


Upgrade if your home is too small. Your mortgage, electricity, taxes, and insurance will all rise.

Before moving, wait until “major” baby expenditures are covered. Save for your next downpayment.

Baby spreadsheets

Baby budget templates help. Baby budget worksheets were found.

Baby budget spreadsheet

The PolicyGenius baby budget spreadsheet contains all family and baby costs.

Baby spreadsheet Babygoofs

The Blunders in Babyland budget worksheet saves money. Everything’s easier. Actual vs. budgeted spending was tracked.

Mamma’s Budget Worksheet

Mamma’s List has a budget worksheet and template. preparing for maternity leave. A baby registry list helps prepare a budget spreadsheet.

7 Money-Saving Baby Tips

Sticker shock? You can save money on your baby budget by thinking creatively.

1.Avoid brands.

We love baby Uggs and Jordans. Not Necessary Your baby won’t notice and will outgrow them quickly.Buy inexpensive brands that work nicely.

  1. Buy used to save money.

Secondhand baby boutiques online and in-store help save money. Keep baby items in good condition to consign them. Poshmark and ThredUp help.


Baby showers require registries. Let your family spoil your child. Budgeting and self-gifting You won’t waste money on “cute” gifts.

4.Request a pediatrician’s samples.

If you need formula or drugs, ask the pediatrician. The number of patient samples may surprise you.The pharmaceutical company’s marketing saves you money.

  1. Borrow money from family to finance the baby

Borrow cribs, playpens, swings, and strollers from friends or family. Borrow enormous items you’ll only use once.Baby goods are pricey, so most people want to trade them. Baby money goes quickly.

6.Quality over quantity.

Quality trumps quantity. Buying a high-quality stroller you can use everywhere is smarter than buying numerous ones. Several cheaper strollers cost more.

  1. Reuse

You save money by not replacing reusable items. Buy reusable diapers, bottles, bibs, tableware, and sippy cups.

baby budget

Financial planning requires a new baby budget. Knowing what to expect can help you save and be prepared.If you’re financially prepared for your baby’s arrival, you’ll worry less.

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