Everything You Should Learn about Reseller Hosting

If you’re a web designer and are looking for or require an extra revenue stream, then starting an online hosting reseller business is a good idea. There are numerous hosting services such as shared, VPS and cloud, however only reseller hosting permits you to earn money.

If you are deciding whether to launch an online reseller hosting company make sure you choose an experienced web hosting provider which sells its servers’ resources. Go here to find out more on unlimited reseller hosting the various types of reseller plans, as well as the features and resources offered in those packages.

A Quick Review of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting happens when a person or a individual buys hosting resources from the major webhosting company , and then resells the hosting to their customers as their own. The resources included in reseller plans include server bandwidth, CPU RAM, CPU, and many more. With these resources, you are able to make hosting plans you can provide to your customers. Based on the purchased reseller hosting plan you’ll be able be able to have any number of customers. After you’ve set up the hosting plan, you are able to sell them at a desired price.

Beginning a reseller hosting business is an excellent method to start your own hosting company with minimal investment. Another factor that makes this type of hosting so popular is that it allows you to provide a variety of services to your customers, which means that you’re not limited to one kind of hosting. The ability to set up your pricing is also an advantage.

How Do You Choose The Top Reseller Hosting Provider?

A lot of web hosting companies provide reseller hosting. So what do you do to choose the most appropriate one? The first thing you need to do is conduct a thorough research prior to settling for a company that offers web hosting. You should look for specific features and information. Find out what you’ll get.

Here are some points to consider when selecting the right reseller hosting provider:

  • white Label Solutions: When an agent offers white-label solutions that allow you to brand your products with clients. Also, you should look for the WHMCS, also called Web Host Manager Complete Solution which allows customers to send invoices as well as receive payments from customers.
  • scaleable server resources When the number of your clients increases, you’ll need to be able of scaling the server resources. This is the reason why you need to select a flexible business. If your hosting provider isn’t flexible and you have to switch to a different business, which is a lengthy and costly procedure.
  • user-friendly control panel It’s not much worse than having an unfriendly Control panel that’s difficult to navigate. Select a reseller service that comes with an intuitive control panel that can assist you in managing your services in a simple manner. The most well-known and most used panel for resellers are Plesk and cPanel and offer top tools, including the features that are specifically designed for resellers, intuitive interfaces, and customer support.
  • customer support Choose an online reseller that provides 24/7 customer service. This is essential as if you have any difficulties, your customers are likely to suffer, which is why it is essential to get the assistance that can help you get the problem resolved in no time.
  • Automated backups If you happen to lose your data, you should be able to restore it to a earlier version. This feature will make sure that all information is saved and you don’t lose any important data.

Advantages and disadvantages of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a great method to earn extra income and offers many advantages. However there are certain drawbacks.


  • Costs and expenses are low: You don’t need to buy any specific equipment or technologies to start your own reseller hosting business. All you need to do is purchase the reseller hosting package from a reputable web hosting service.
  • Do not worry About Technicalities The web hosting service that you purchased this reseller package will be responsible for all aspects connected to server maintenance security, updates, and connectivity. You’ll be able to concentrate on your business without worrying about technical issues.
  • Create Your brand White-label host hosting for resellers, customers won’t even know you’re leasing resources from a different business, and you’ll have the ability to establish your own brand identity.
  • Extra Features Certain reseller hosting companies provide special features, such as SSL certificates as well as cPanel, free without cost.


  • Access to The Server The user must check with the web hosting service provider for a variety of things. Because you’ll be relying on everything from the original web hosting service and you must be sure to select the most reliable one that will solve the technical issues in a short time.
  • challenging panels: If you don’t have experience managing the business’s website and you’re not sure how to manage it, you may be unable to manage the control panels. to manage.


Establishing a reseller hosting company is a fantastic opportunity to earn extra income even if you are already web designer or developer. It’s not much effort and can provide your company with a single solution for customers. It’s not necessary to invest an enormous amount of cash to begin however, you must be focused on finding the best reseller hosting service to help you with the task.

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