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How to use print with velvet fabric 

The plush feel of velvet is indicative of a luxurious fabric. Velvet has textural benefits depending on its application and the hues chosen.

An industry expert once said, “Velvet has a distinctively sumptuous gloss to fabric and looks wonderful in brilliant hues.” It can be included into any neutral design without dominating it, and experts say it gives the space a sense of richness and vibrancy.

Putting patterns on Velvet fabric to use as home décor is a novel and distinctive approach. Keep in mind, however, that foil print isn’t the best decorating choice at home. Select less dazzling prints, as we will elucidate below. If you’d like more options in terms of color palette, design scheme, and the like, you may always go with bulk fabric suppliers.

If you want your home to have the luxurious feel of velvet, try some of these suggestions from the experts.

Dramatic Touch 

Velvet is one of my favorite textiles to pair with linens, leather, and other unique materials. The mix of fabrics is robust since velvet is used as the foundation.

Make velvet the accent of your outfit. You can really make a space stand out by painting it in bright shades like pink, green, and blue. There is a risk of it becoming overly dominant in a room that is too tiny to accommodate it. When it comes to adding a little drama and a touch of sophistication, I find that velvet works best in the dining room and the master bedroom. Putting velvets on walls and ceilings is now my obsession. It’s an opulent aesthetic that can make any room seem welcoming and luxurious.

Use Restraint

A living room with colorful velvet accents, such as vivid velvet throw cushions, looks and feels more sophisticated and opulent. Sofas upholstered in a darker velvet color, such as a charcoal gray, may provide a sense of drama and gloom to a media room or den.

When used excessively, velvet has the effect of making a room seem older. Large pieces of velvet furniture should serve as the focal point of their respective rooms. You may also use smaller accent items like chairs or an ottoman to bring it in. If you’re planning on using more than one velvet accent piece in a space, be sure to mix up the colors and choose items with contrasting or complementing textures.

It’s important to avoid overemphasizing any one material or style element if you want your final product to seem polished and put together. We like to combine velvet with materials like metal accessories, dark woods, or a linen couch.

Be Strategic 

A jolt of vivid velvet is always welcome. You may use it for armchairs, ornamental pillows in the living room or study, a pouf in the bathroom or hallway, or a headboard in the bedroom.

An armchair in the living room may be given a new lease of life by covering it with a hard wearing cotton fabric with a design and accessorizing it with a velvet ornamental cushion that complements the upholstery. It’s ideal for bedrooms since it calms the mind, looks elegant, and feels great underfoot.

However, moderation is essential, since the effect is maximized when everything is in harmony. It’s gorgeous with satins and linens, but it’ll work with just about everything. It contrasts well with more rugged materials like stone, metal, and wood.


However, there are many various types of velvet, and some are more delicate than others. Do not use this for sitting if silk was used in the construction. For its high cost, silk velvet is best reserved for special accents. Cotton velvet with a faint foil print is often highly long-lasting, simple to care for, and inexpensive, but it lacks the beautiful shine of silk velvets.

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