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How To Start An Athletic Brand For Clothing? | In 03 Easy Steps!

In the world of internet marketing, launching an online brand has now become way easier than before! If you have already worked on great outfit ideas for a stylish activewear line, ensure your business idea goes through these 03 steps!

And if you don’t know where to start, you can also take guidance from this read. This article will briefly overview how you can make a successful athleisure brand and the essential steps involved in the process.

So without any further delays, let’s go!

Starting an Activewear Brand | A Perfect Guideline for New Comers!

So before we discuss the main topic, let’s debate the pros and cons of starting an activewear brand. So, different athleisure brands sell high-quality, active comfort wear for workouts and training.

On the one hand, Champions is a one-stop shop for all athletic apparel needs! So, on the other hand, Under Armour offers the widest collection of sports and gym t-shirts, pants, tank tops etc. Moreover, Soffe Shorts Wholesale is also one of the top-selling products.

That said, there must be something like perfect criteria on which these activewear brands are based and coming under the popular brands worldwide. So here come the pros and cons!

Pros of Activewear Businesses

  • This business type allows exposure and keeps things interesting from all ends!
  • Starting an athleisure brand means getting hands-on unlimited income potential.
  • In activewear businesses, the income stream looks seamless and predictable.
  • It gives you a greater opportunity to get a higher number of referrals.
  • To create an online store, there must be sky exceeding platforms to sell your products.
  • It is the simplest form of business model. It is also easy to understand
  • The higher the understanding, the greater the potential to run the business.
  • The business allows the person to reach a wider audience through product selling on large marketplaces like Amazon.
  • The athletic industry is a good business, giving the rare identity to your products that are of high quality, and with time, you will become an expert in handling this business niche.
  • The results and revenue of the activewear business are great.

Cons of Activewear Businesses

  • An activewear brand has also disadvantages! It takes a long time, day in and day out efforts, and excessive money investment.
  • It has a longer sales process!
  • If we look into the gross margins, the ratio goes around 20%, which makes it extraordinarily challenging to gain main profitability.
  • As an activewear brand owner, it implies quite-high taxes.
  • As athleisure is a luxe niche, so it might take you a bit long to build trust in the industry.
  • Activewear is also a recession-impacted industry.

03 Step-By-Step Guideline To Start Your Own Activewear Brand

  1. Starting Up With Thorough Market Research
  2. Designing A Unique Collection
  3. Effective Sales Strategies
  • Starting Up With Thorough Market Research

In the first part, three essential steps are involved in starting your own activewear business. The first step is market scanning. If you want your brand to become number one in the athletic apparel industry, make sure you are competing in the right niche.

Next, make a great business plan to stand out in the competition. You must structure a business plan from all angles. It may evolve as per the progress! Lastly, as discussed earlier (in the cons), starting an activewear brand is quite expensive!

So managing your finance comes last, and if you are serious about your business idea, you may go for start-up loans to make your dreams a reality. And note here that you need a dedicated team to fulfil your dreams.

  • Designing A Unique Collection

A business requires blood, sweat, and hard work! So now, if you have prepared a set-up for launching your new activewear business, it’s the right time to define the range of the collection. Soffe Shorts Wholesale is personally my go-to brand for athleisure wear!

So here comes the second part, the design and product development stage. All you need to have is a unique collection of stylish, comfortable, and breathable high-quality athletic clothing which must be available in different colours and sizes according to the customer’s needs.

Once you have covered this part, it’s high time for branding and marketing. And the key to remember here is that branding and marketing majorly come in the form of positive feedback and reviews, so make sure you offer exceptional customer service.

  • Effective Sales Strategies

So now that you have the bulk production all set-for shipping, make sure you opt for traditional sales channels because retail marketing can benefit in ways you can’t even imagine. Use effective sales strategies.


In a nutshell, if you are into business, ensure you have a perfect strategy, good investment and a passionate team. However, you can do nothing without thorough market research. So always keep a keen eye for new market trends and the season’s needs.

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