Best Companies for Computer Science Engineers

Best Companies for Computer Science Engineers


The engineering fields of computer science and information technology have traditionally been more connected to the private sectors when it comes to employment opportunities and postings after graduation. And as technology has advanced so quickly over the past ten years, demand for computer science degrees has only grown.

The proliferation of startup culture has contributed to this rise in labor demand. especially as the majority of these startups are tech-based businesses.

Therefore, whether they are experienced professionals or not, computer science graduates are preferred by the majority of hiring teams.

Here is a list of the best computer science employers that come highly recommended.


Many recent computer science grads consider working at Google to be their ultimate ambition. Over 52% of respondents to a Business Insider study said they would like to work at Google. Google is one of the computer industry’s highest-paying employers, but it is only one of the qualities that make them a wonderful employer. Googlers feel at home at work because of the laid-back environment, healthcare and wellness offerings, flexible scheduling, and retirement savings.


In the same survey conducted by Business Insider, Microsoft came in second place with just under 32% of respondents choosing to work there. In the tech industry, there is a lot of pressure to deliver, but employers also have a lot of involvement to make sure employees provide their best effort. An employee there claims that “Microsoft values its employees.” In recent years, the culture has also changed from being highly competitive among individuals to emphasising teamwork and making others successful.


Apple, which is undoubtedly becoming more popular, came in third with slightly over 20% of the respondents’ ballots. Apple is a fantastic place to work because, like the majority of IT businesses, it provides excellent benefits and pay. Working at Apple can undoubtedly be stressful, but the perks and bonuses make it worthwhile – as long as you’re in the Western offices and not involved in the manufacturing process.


Facebook employees report a high degree of job satisfaction and that they value the chance to be ‘genuine’ in the workplace. Workplaces with personality, easy access to the CEO, and free lunches are just a few of the perks that Facebook employees like.

Additionally, Facebook gives employees the chance to focus on their strong suits and do more of it. Employees are free to work on several projects, and if one leads them in that direction, they can even change responsibilities inside the organization. The ability to express oneself freely (within reason, of course) makes workers feel appreciated. Facebook has one of the highest industry retention rates, and salaries are excellent.


Being the biggest e-commerce corporation in the world creates plenty of openings for new graduate positions, particularly for computer science grads.

One of the businesses that has experienced a significant uptick in its economy after the COVID-19 outbreak is Amazon. It goes without saying that it is now one of the best employers for computer science engineers.


CGI Inc., sometimes known as CGI Global Inc., is a global Canadian firm that specializes in systems integration and information technology consulting. It does offer a variety of goods, such as secure cloud computing, that are intended to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and data. With a market value of $21.8 billion, CGI is among Canada’s top 30 corporations. As of 2022, CGI has offices in about 400 locations throughout 40 nations, including Canada and India.


With its headquarters in London, the United Kingdom, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, also known as Deloitte, is a multinational professional services network. One of the Big Four accounting companies, Deloitte is the largest professional services network in the world in terms of revenue and personnel.

With around 334,800 experts worldwide, Deloitte offers audit, consulting, financial advising, risk advisory, tax, and legal services. The network had combined revenues of $50.2 billion in FY 2021. According to Forbes, Deloitte will be the third-largest privately owned firm in the United States by 2020.



It’s challenging to get a job at any of the organizations mentioned in this article. Job seekers are up against stiff competition. The level of software engineer these organizations search for is demonstrated by the amount of effort and commitment required just to get an interview. The options and benefits you may take advantage of once you are in, though, make the effort worthwhile.

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