Must-Have eCommerce Mobile App Features That You Should Consider

eCommerce industry is booming, and redefining the commercial activities globally. Online shopping has become the preferred choice of people because of the convenience it provides. 

According to a study by Statista, there will be 291.2 million online buyers in 2025. 

With the increasing growth of eCommerce mobile app industry, many business owners are considering to develop an eCommerce app. That said, it is advisable to hire a well-established eCommerce app development company to get the expected results. 

On the same note, it is imperative to integrate necessary features in the eCommerce app to streamline the user experience. 

This blog talks about the must-have eCommerce mobile app features that every business owner must consider. 

Top eCommerce Features That You Must Integrate in Your eCommerce App

  • A Quick Signup Process

The first prominent feature that you must add in your eCommerce app is a quick signup process. Once you provide easy signup process to your potential users, chances of them using your app in a long run becomes high. 

Make sure to let users signup into your eCommerce app using their existing email ID, one-time password, etc. That said, a quick and easy registration process can make your eCommerce app more easily accessible to users, that can boost the app’s success rate. 

  • Provide Multiple Payment Gateways

If you want lesser cart abandonment rate in your eCommerce app, ensure to add multiple payment gateways, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc. Providing various payment options enable the businesses to offer a convenient shopping experience that every buyer would appreciate. 

One of the major reasons of adding multiple payment options is a maximized conversion rate. Apart from it, various payment options also help in enhancing the brand credibility as it makes the app look reliable and secure. 

  • Real-Time Notifications

One of the best ways to make your intended users hooked to your eCommerce app is giving them timely notifications regarding any upcoming sale, discount, or latest product. Most of the time, push notifications in eCommerce apps are personalized, with higher open rates than emails. 

Real-time notifications help in boosting the business, which results in more sales, or even attract new audiences. There are multiple ways of sending notifications, like images, videos, or GIFs that enhance the customer engagement. 

  • Add Wishlist Button

When you hire an eCommerce app development company to build your application, you can ensure adding a wishlist button as it augments a better strategic value to the business. The wishlist button in the eCommerce app lets buyers create a custom-made collection of products that they save in their account for future references. 

Adding a wishlist button is also one of the ways to have a lesser cart abandonment rate. Creating a shareable wishlist button can attract a lot of new buyers, and can also help you sell the stocked items.

  • Reviews & Ratings

Last but not the least important feature that you must consider in adding to your eCommerce app is reviews & ratings. Allowing customers to give honest reviews or ratings on the products or services is beneficial as it will let you know how your app is doing in the market. 

Moreover, online product reviews show how your product is set apart from other similar brands that can help you in strengthening your brand. 


eCommerce industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, which is increasing the competition in the market. 

If you want to make your eCommerce app stand out from the competition, make sure to create a unique app. Also, integrate all the above-mentioned features to smooth the user experience for a successful app.

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